Peter Pan

To the world that loves to read about other people’s lives as much as I do…. I welcome myself to the world of blogging officially today. In my opinion, there is nothing better than being nosy and getting information without having to pry or even ask questions; it’s like getting free food – why say no? I never thought I’d be the blogger type to tell the truth, but then again I do love to ramble on about my life and others.. so what better way to do it than through the joys of internet and social media? I should probably say that I have no idea what I’m doing on here, so apologies for the crap presentation of the site.

As the title and URL may suggest, I’m currently an undergraduate student in her first year at university in the UK. For me, going to uni meant avoiding a full-time 9-5 job, and I enjoy sleep as much as the next human does. Also, I’m the youngest of the family, so the thought of having mothers full attention on me at home when my older sister is off at university enjoying her independence was not something I enjoyed the thought of. Anyway if people are still reading and haven’t got bored of me yet, stay tuned, things are going to get fun.

So the confused thing… I know it’s a ‘typical young girl’ thought to have, and I can almost hear the family members screaming the ‘It’s normal, you’re young’ bullshit already. Disclaimer – it’s not sexually confused, I’m not going to reveal that I’m gay in a few blog posts time. Quite simply, I don’t want to grow up. I don’t know anyone that does, and if you do, you haven’t lived your childhood correctly. So the confusion relates to the future, I have no clue what I want to do with my life or how I shall lead it. It would be nice to meet a nice tall dark and handsome man who can solve these problems for me, but looking how I do, it is a bleak future. I’m the DUFF of the group if you get me gals?

Anyway, to those of you out there who share my thoughts and would like to see some more rambling in the future, feel free to return for another post. I don’t make promises, but I’m always honest – if that counts towards something?

Until next time my cherubs

Stay awesome